Visual Resources Center Updates

The Visual Resources Center freshened up this summer with some updates to the space. A dual-screen Mac computer station was added next to the dual-screen PC and book scanning station. The dual-screen PC is perfect for using PowerShow and working on dual-projector presentations. The large, flatbed Epson scanner has found a new home in the back room, next to a dual-screen PC. The back room also has a specialized scanner for 35 mm slides, a Mac desktop, and reference books.

All three of the dual-screen computer stations now feature a public login system, which allows students, faculty, and staff to login to their own desktop with their Williams username and password. Before printing users will need to install two printer drivers.  A shortcut to install both drivers has been added to the desktop. Furthermore, the lab machines now have SketchUp Pro, a 3D modeling computer program, and Adobe Creative Suite. Lastly, the VRC can now host video and audio conference calls using Zoom, a comprehensive cloud-based video conferencing platform. Reserve the Archive, our small conference room, for your next virtual meeting!