Tech Tips: Choosing a Lecture Recording Tool

A guide on how to use to choose a lecture recording tool.

Recording with PowerPoint on a PC

Create your Presentation

  • Slide Show – Record Slide Show and Start Recording
    • Be sure to stop speaking while advancing slides
    • You can pause your recording anytime

  • Stop when you are finished recording
  • You can edit the recording in each slide

  • Create an MP4
  • File – Export – Create Video

Recording with Panopto

  • Login to Glow – Open Your Course
  • Open Course Media Gallery – Create – Panopto for Windows (Mac) – Record in Application

For PC

  • Folder: is the name of your course
    Name: label your lecture
  • Primary Sources
    Video: choose your camera
    Audio: choose your microphone
    Quality: Standard
    Capture Computer Audio ✓
  • Secondary Sources
    Capture PowerPoint ✓
    Start Presentation When Recording Starts ✓

For Mac

  • Folder: is the name of your course
    Session: label your lecture
  • Primary Sources
    Video: choose your camera
    Audio: choose your microphone
    Quality: set quality under Panopto – settings
  • Slides
    Record PowerPoint ✓

Recording Complete

  • Delete and Start Again or Done and Upload

Uploading or Saving Offline

  • Leave this window open until it finishes
  • Refresh course media gallery in Glow to see your recording

To Edit Your Recording

  • Mouse over the file in Course Media Gallery and click Edit


Edit Your Timeline

  • Change title
  • Trim timeline (non-destructive edit)

Recording With Zoom

  • Open your PowerPoint

  • Start a Zoom meeting

  • Click the Record button then choose Record on this Computer or Alt/R

  • Share screen then open your presentation

  • To Pause your recording: mouse to the top of the window and click More – Pause Recording or Alt/P
    • You can Start and Stop Recording from here as well

  • Stop recording when you have finished – either use the More tab or stop sharing and use the tab on the main Zoom window or Alt/R
  • When you End the Meeting for All your recording will begin to convert
  • Your Zoom folder will be under Documents

Recording With Camtasia

  • Opening in PowerPoint
  • Create your presentation
  • Go to Add-ins
  • Check your Add-ins options
  • Choose Record

  • Stop Your Recording
  • Close your Powerpoint
  • Click Stop recording

  • Save or Edit Your Recording
  • Produce your recording to create an MP4
  • Edit will open in Camtasia for editing

Open From Camtasia

  • New Project – Open in Editor
  • New Recording – New Screen Capture
  • Click Record to capture screen
  • File goes to Media Bin when you stop
  • Click Share to Create an MP4

ScreenFlow for Mac

  • Open – File New or click the camera icon top right
  • Set your camera and audio
  • Click the red button to record

  • Stop Recording – click the camera icon or the shift/command/2 keys
  • Your recording will open in the Screen Editor
  • Edit your recording using the
  • Timeline and Screen Editor

  • Add text to the top line of the Timeline
  • Move or adjust the shape of your recording

  • File – Export to create your MP4


Feel free to contact me with questions.
Chuck Paquette, VR Technical Specialist
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