Mapping a Course in Google Earth Project

A guide on how to use Google Earth Project for your course.

Teaching Models to Consider:

  1. To Accompany Your Lectures
    1. When geographic context of your course content is important, global or one city
    2. Can devote one projector to Google Earth and a second to your presentation
    3. Can zoom in and out of locations and change from 2D to 3D as desired while lecturing and traveling between sites
  2. As a Course Study Resource
    1. Functions as a study resource available to students on your course Glow site
    2. Can be customized with images and data about the objects and structures that students are responsible for learning
    3. Links to lecture presentations or handouts can be included
    4. Content can be added over the course of the semester as lectures are completed
  3. As a Collaborative Student Project
    1. Like all Google apps, easy for students to collaborate and share
    2. Can function like a digital exhibition with images and wall label text
    3. Student training session and written instructions provided by the VRC
    4. Best for small courses

Creating a Project: A Quick Tutorial

  1. Go to and click the menu with the three lines in the upper left-hand corner. Select Projects and click the blue New Project button. In the drop-down, select Create Project in Google Drive.
  2. Give your project a title by clicking in the Project Title box and type a description if desired.

Adding a Placemark

  1. Click on the blue New feature button. Select Search to add place from the drop-down. Type in the name of your desired location and select from the search results.
  2. Click the Add to project button and Save.
  3. Hover over the placemark in your list and click the pencil to edit. Click the Replace button to add your own custom images, video, and/or text. Click the camera+ icon to upload images or videos from your computer, a Google Image Search, YouTube, or Google Drive. Edit the Title and/or add custom text. Change the format of the info box and/or placemark. Select 2D or 3D and Zoom in and out to your preferred view. Click the blue Capture this view button.

Adding a Slide

  1. Click on the blue New feature button. Select Fullscreen slide from the drop-down. Enter a title and custom text.
  2. Select a solid color or image as your background.

Adding a Line

  1. Click on the blue New feature button. Select Draw line or shape from the drop-down. Click where you would like your line to begin and drag to the endpoint. Press Enter to save the line or shape. Add images and text similar to a placemark.

Please contact Amy if you would like to plan a Google Earth Project for your course or if you have any questions.
Amy McKenna, Visual Resources Curator, [email protected]