PowerShow: Dual Projection with PowerPoint

PowerShow is a multi-monitor software that loads in the PowerPoint environment as an add-in. With several multi-monitor features, it allows for dual-screen projection of two presentations in the classroom, using only one computer as a source.

Professors will need to create two separate presentations, one for the right and one for the left. With just a little bit of set up, PowerShow will project both presentations from a single PC. Mac is not available at this time. There will be three files (two PowerPoints and one PowerShow file). It is recommended they be in a folder with the lecture title. If the PowerShow file is separated from the PPT files, it will not work.

Here are the instructions to get started with PowerShow.

  1. Create and save two PowerPoints, one left and one right.
  2. Click Slideshow on the left PowerPoint (both PowerPoints need to be open)
  3. Click Prepare Sync Show
  4. Select Master PPT (left pptx)
  5. Select Followers (right pptx)
  6. Click OK – Save both presentations (don’t skip this step)
  7. Click Power Show
    • Under Presentations:
      • Span – choose left.pptx <slideshow>
      • Span – choose right.pptx <slideshow>
  8. Click Save Settings – It will save a PowerShow file (.pss) so you’ll have to name it, be sure to save it in the same folder as your left and right Powerpoint presentations. Double click the .pss file to open your dual presentation.

When starting a PowerShow presentation, the left screen needs to be primary, so click on it before moving forward with your right arrow key.

You can edit the contents of your presentations after you have set up your dual slide show, just remember to keep the files together.

Please contact Chuck if you have any questions. Chuck Paquette, Visual Resources Technical Specialist, [email protected]