• The mission of the Visual Resources Center is to provide art and related images in various formats to supplement teaching and learning and support faculty and students with image presentation, as well as review emerging image technologies for adaptation in digital projects and support faculty and students in their use.

  • All Williams College faculty and students may access the Williams Visual Resources digital image collection directly: http://drm.williams.edu/vrc/, or by navigation from the following department websites: Williams College Department of Art (Resources) and Sawyer Library (How to Find, Images, Art and Museum Images). During the 2016-2017 academic year, the VRC digital collection may also be accessed in the Artstor Digital Library by any Williams faculty, staff and students; register as a williams.edu user on the Artstor website and enter the Artstor Digital Library.

    Additionally, the VRC website “Find Images” section provides links to major image databases as well as specific sites on the web related to art department courses. The VRC blog, The VRC Post, highlights news of image use and access.

    Off-campus Access

    Remote access to digital images while off campus is possible through the Sawyer Library website; directions are found under Research Help / Researching Off-Campus.

    "How To" Find and Use Digital Images

    The “How To” section of this website offers many detailed directions and suggestions for digital image use. You may also call or email any of the VRC staff with questions.

  • All Lawrence Hall classrooms are equipped for digital projection using image presentation programs or direct access of the internet. Additionally, L231, L3 and Brooks Rogers Auditorium are equipped for dual digital projection for both Mac or PC users. For simultaneous dual projection from one computer, one may use either the Artstor OIV (Offline Image Viewer) or PPT’s PowerShow program. The VRC staff can assist you in creation of this type of presentation and its use in the classroom.

  • The VRC maintains a lantern slide and a study photograph collection of images created during the late 19th century and the early 20th century. These images often depict monuments, architecture and landscape prior to excavation, world wars and development. Some of these images have been scanned and are accessible through the Williams VRC collection. The 35mm slide collection is undergoing a gradual process of de-accession and selective scanning, and also contains images not yet available in digital form. VRC staff can assist with image search in any of these manual collections. The VRC also maintains slide projectors in the Lawrence Hall classrooms for projecting 35mm or lantern slides.

  • The Visual Resources Center will create digital art images per request from all members of the Williams College community for access through the VRC website or Artstor. We often order high quality images from commercial image vendors or directly from museums and selected educational sites; please place a request with a VRC staff member.

  • The Visual Resources Center employs a limited number of student assistants, advertising through WSO (Williams Students Online) when needed. A 7 to 8-week summer employment opportunity is usually available for one student.