Digital Teaching Projects

Mapping a Course in Google Earth Project

A guide on how to use Google Earth Project for your course. Teaching Models to Consider: To Accompany Your Lectures When geographic context of your course content is important, global or one city Can devote one projector to Google Earth and a second to your presentation Can zoom… Continue reading »

Visualizing History with Interactive Timelines

A guide on how a media-rich, interactive timeline can help support your course. About TimelineJS TimelineJS is an open-source tool that enables users to build visually rich, interactive timelines. You can incorporate images, videos, and audio with your timeline to create time-based narratives. Interactive timelines can be utilized as… Continue reading »

Digital Teaching Projects: Interactive Art History Timelines

Last fall, the VRC created an interactive timeline for Professor Murad K. Mumtaz’s course, By Land and Sea: Art, Culture, and Religion Along the Trade Routes of Asia. Professor Mumtaz’s timeline featured images of art forms including textiles, manuscripts, paintings, luxury items, sculpture, and architecture. The first interactive… Continue reading »