Tech Tips

Mapping a Course in Google Earth Project

A guide on how to use Google Earth Project for your course. Teaching Models to Consider: To Accompany Your Lectures When geographic context of your course content is important, global or one city Can devote one projector to Google Earth and a second to your presentation Can zoom… Continue reading »

Visualizing History with Interactive Timelines

A guide on how a media-rich, interactive timeline can help support your course. About TimelineJS TimelineJS is an open-source tool that enables users to build visually rich, interactive timelines. You can incorporate images, videos, and audio with your timeline to create time-based narratives. Interactive timelines can be utilized as… Continue reading »

PowerShow: Dual Projection with PowerPoint

PowerShow is a multi-monitor software that loads in the PowerPoint environment as an add-in. With several multi-monitor features, it allows for dual-screen projection of two presentations in the classroom, using only one computer as a source. Professors will need to create two separate presentations, one for the right and one… Continue reading »

Tech Tips: Annotating Images and Readings

A guide on how to annotate images and readings in Google Drive and Perusall. Google Drive With Google Drive, you can view and comment on items like videos, PDFs, Microsoft Office files, audio files, and photos. Annotating a File On your computer, go to Create a folder… Continue reading »

Tech Tips: Next Level Zoom

A guide on using Zoom for live discussions and presentations. Next Level Zoom Access Your Zoom Account Go to ​​, click “Sign in” and use your SSO (Single Sign-On) to login with your Williams email account. To check your current account type, in Profile, see “User Type.”… Continue reading »

Tech Tips: Organizing Your Class in Glow

A guide on how to organize your class using GLOW. Organizing Your Class in Glow Please visit the VRC Demo Course in Glow to view all of these options as a student. Add an Image for Your Course In Settings, Course Details, click the Image button to select an… Continue reading »

Tech Tips: Choosing a Lecture Recording Tool

A guide on how to use to choose a lecture recording tool. Recording with PowerPoint on a PC Create your Presentation Slide Show – Record Slide Show and Start Recording Be sure to stop speaking while advancing slides You can pause your recording anytime Stop… Continue reading »

Tech Tips: Research Photo Management Tool

Would you like to spend more time using your research photos and less time searching for them? Manage them with Tropy, a free, open-source research photo management tool. This desktop application brings order to your photos by providing a common-sense way to organize and describe your… Continue reading »

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