Collaborative Spaces

The Visual Resources Center has three collaborative spaces available for reservation as well as a lounge area and two round tables with seating. To reserve the collaborative spaces in advance or to inquire about last-minute availability, please contact Amy McKenna, Visual Resources Curator. We are open Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-4:30 pm. Faculty, students, and staff are all welcome!

Flex Space

The Flex Space features a large, wall-mounted monitor, resident PC, and four desks on wheels with swivel writing surfaces.  Configure the space however you wish and add extra chairs as desired.



Twin Screens

Our most recent addition to the VRC line-up is named for its dual wide-screen monitors.  It has a resident PC, long table, seats up to six, and is semi-private.  It’s an ideal space for dual image presentations, tutorial meetings, and technology training.


The Archive

Our small conference room is the perfect place to host Zoom video-conference calls and confidential meetings with its sliding glass door.  It has a wall-mounted monitor, long table, and seats up to six.  A collaboration station allows users to connect their personal devices or they may use the resident PC.  It’s also                                                                                    home to many of the VRC’s historic                                                                                collections and doubles as a reading                                                                                  room to access these fascinating                                                                                      materials.