ARTstor Digital Library

Artstor Joins JSTOR

Vital Image Collection and Teaching Tool Updates Key Facts The Artstor platform has been promised through the end of the 2021-2022 academic year. JSTOR has committed to retaining the Artstor environment until the JSTOR platform is equal to or better than Artstor for image users. Update: As of February 1,… Continue reading »

Your New One-stop Image Shop

The Williams VRC Collection, an ever-growing custom collection of over 40,000 images tailored to the curriculum of the Williams College Art Department, is moving to Artstor’s Shared Shelf media management solution.  Users will be able to browse both the Artstor Digital Library and the Williams VRC Collection simultaneously, creating a… Continue reading »

2,700 More WCMA Images en route to Artstor

The Williams College Museum of Art and Artstor are collaborating to release an additional 2700 images of collection objects in the Artstor Digital Library.  New images come from WCMA’s African, Eastern, and Ancient collections, as well as its collection of the works of Maurice and Charles Prendergast.  Visit the… Continue reading »

ARTstor Systems Upgrade

ARTstor will be performing a major systems upgrade, bringing a new Oracle server online and significantly improving the digital library’s infrastructure.  ARTstor will not be available to users from Saturday, January 26 at 11:00pm EST until Sunday, January 27 at 1pm EST.  … Continue reading »

Extend Your ARTstor Remote Access

Remote access to ARTstor is available off-campus using your standard ARTstor log-in for 120 days.  Are you going to be away for longer than four months?  Contact the VRC staff and we can extend your remote access period by 30 days.  And no worries — there’s no need to divulge your… Continue reading »