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The Visual Resources Center (VRC) supports innovative and creative approaches to image-intensive teaching and learning. We collaborate with faculty and students on digital humanities teaching projects, including digital exhibitions, interactive timelines, mapping, data visualization, and 3D technologies. We curate collections of images for teaching, both digital and historic. The VRC offers collaborative spaces with large, wall-mounted monitors and workstations with specialized scanners and dual monitors. We host training sessions, virtual interviews, tutorials, and study camps. We also offer imaging services and specialized classroom support, including virtual reality.

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Visualizing Art Historical Networks with Graph Commons

Graph Commons is a collaborative platform for mapping, analyzing, and sharing data-networks.

Curating Digital Exhibitions with Omeka

As a leading digital humanities software tool, Omeka enables the building of collections and the creation of digital exhibitions with advanced features such as mapping and image annotation.
Chartres Cathedral from

Exploring Architecture with Virtual Reality

Virtual reality offers a striking immersive experience that is particularly well-suited to viewing architectural works and historic sites. 
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